I'm Audrey aka The Garden Mama.

I'm an amateur gardener, coffee enthusiast and mom of two boys. I live on a cattle ranch in Nebraska. 

My yard is my happy place. There is nothing I like more than standing in the garden after a long day and watching it grow. It's a constant battle to keep everything alive and in the ground when the horses and cattle think fences are optional. 


When I moved out to the ranch, I left behind my beloved neighborhood coffee shop. Since then, I have stepped up my home brew coffee game and am constantly looking for ways to recreate something fancy. 

As a boy mom, one of my biggest missions is to not be afraid of the little creatures they find. I hope they grow up to be kind and inviting, wild and fun, and the next generation of cattle ranchers, if they so choose. 

I'm so glad you're here and I can't wait to chat about gardens, kids, and life! 

Talk soon!